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STRANGURY - (stranguria, a drop of uron wetting Greek stranx, strangos) — an urination in the small portions owing to its sharp difficulty. The page, as a rule, is followed by the unpleasant feelings connected with spasmodic reductions of a bladder, morbidity and increase of an urination, false desires on an urination, feeling of incomplete bladder emptying, pains in the bottom of a stomach.

Are S.'s reasons patol. the processes in a neck of a bladder and an urethra breaking normal bladder emptying: nonspecific and specific inflammation, tumor of a bladder, acute prostatitis, prostatovesiculitis, adenoma and prostate cancer, foreign bodys and stones of a bladder, stricture, tumor and stones of an urethra. At stones of a bladder S. is sometimes caused by position of a body of the patient: in a standing position the urination is complicated owing to occlusion by a stone of a neck of a bladder, after a postural change of a body and shift of a stone it is facilitated. At S. children happens a symptom of anomaly of the urethra (strictures, valves, a hypertrophy of a seminal hillock, etc.) which is sharply expressed phymosis (see) and an acute balanopoyetit (see. Balanitis, balanoposthitis ).

Treatment at S. is directed to a basic disease. On purpose sti tomatichesky treatment appoint spasmolytic and anesthetics, including in the form of rectal candles, microclysters, and also heat sedentary baths (to-rye, however, are not shown at suspicion of tumoral diseases).

The forecast depends on a basic disease.

A. L. Shabad.