STRADIN Paúl Yanovich

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STRADIN Paúl Yanovich, Pavel Ivanovich (1896 — 1958) — the Soviet surgeon, the oncologist and the historian of medicine, the member correspondent of AMH (1945), the academician of AN of the Latvian SSR (1946), zasl. scientist of the Latvian SSR (1945).

STRADIN Paúl Yanovich

In 1919 ended VMA and it was left at the clinic run S. P. Fedor ovy. Participated in work on receiving the first Soviet standard serums for definition of blood groups. In 1923 protected dokt. the thesis on the subject «Damages of Peripheral Nerves and Their Treatment». In 1925 — 1926 studied a problem of surgery of vessels in the USA and England. From 1933 to 1941 and from 1944 to 1958 professor of surgery and at the same time (1944 — 1947) dean medical f-that Latvian un-that (nowadays Riga medical in-t). In 1938 organized the Latvia's first oncological clinic (nowadays republican oncological clinic) and service of hemotransfusion. In 1946 created Institute of experimental medicine of AN of the Latvian SSR and became his director.

P. Ya. Stradyn is the author of 120 scientific works on many sections of surgery and history of medicine. Together with V. N. Shamov for the first time in domestic practice carried out a periarterial sympathectomy. For studying of the gained effect in December, 1922 itself underwent this a humeral artery operation. The main works P. Ya. Stradynya are devoted to the solution of questions of treatment of stomach ulcer, malignant new growths, vascular disorders, etc. In works on history of medicine he considered preferential problems of development of medical science and health care in the Baltics. It collected a big collection of various monuments on stories of medicine since ancient times and the museum is organized in Riga, to-ry in 1957 them it was donated the state. Now the museum P. Ya. Stradynya bears a name (see. the Museum of history of medicine of P. Stradynya ).

P. Ya. Stradyn was a founder republican scientific about-in surgeons (1945), oncologists (1954) and historians of medicine (1955), the chairman of Academic medical council of the Ministry of Health of the Latvian SSR. His name is appropriated republican clinical-tse in Riga.

Works: About trophic, secretory and vasculomotor frustration in an extremity after wounds of peripheral nervous trunks, It is new. hir. arkh., t. 1, book 3, page 391, 1921; About a periarterial sympathectomy according to Zhabule-Lerish, in the same place, t. 4, book 1, page 3 1923; Par ta saucamas «gangraena spontanea» etiologiju, kllniku un terapiju, Riga, 1927; Experience of use of Furacilin in surgical clinic, in book: Furacilin and experience of its use, under the editorship of A. I. Kalninsha, etc., page 203, Riga, 1953; The Condition of medical science in Latvia in 18 and the beginning of the 19th century, in book; From history medical, under the editorship of P. I. Stradynya, etc., Saturday. 1, page 63, Riga, 1957.

Bibliography: Academician P. I. Stradyn, Bibliography, sost. E. Ya. Peyle and Ya. S. Paeglis, Riga, 1959; Gerke P. A contribution of the academician P. I. Stradynya in development of medical science, Izv. Academician of sciences of Latv. SSR, No. 2, page 163, 1962; Lepu-k and l of N And. Memories P. I. Stradynya, Surgery, No. 1 page 146, 1959.

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