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STOYYa Jón (Stoia Ion, 1899 — 1976) — the Romanian rheumatologist, professor (1931).

In 1925 graduated from medical faculty un-that in Bucharest, then it was improved in the field of normal and pathological anatomy. With 1931 c. professor of the Higher medical school in Bucharest, since 1935 the head of rheumatological clinic of Kantakuzino. In 1960 organized the Center for rheumatology in Bucharest combining and directing scientific and practical activities in the field of rheumatology in Romania. The center organized the edition of the periodic collection «Researches and Training in Rheumatology».

Y. Stoya is the author of St. 500 printing works, including 10 monographs; its researches on problems of clinic, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with a pseudorheumatism, Bekhterev's disease, arthrosis of a hip joint, etc. gained the international recognition. It for the first time in medical practice applied ultrasound to introduction of a hydrocortisone at rheumatic diseases. Y. Stoya was the honorary member of the European countries, many about-in rheumatologists, and also the American rheumatological association; since 1971 the honorary member Vsesoyuznogo scientific about-va rheumatologists (USSR).

Works: Reumatismul cronic in practica medi-cala, Bucure§ti, 1965 (sovm. with Stoia H.); Reabilitarea bolnavilor reumatici cu defi-ciente motorii, Bucure§ti, 1966 (sovm. with other); Ghid practic de reumatologie, Bucure§ti, 1975 (sovm. with Stoicescu M.).

Bibliography: Ion Stoya, Vopr. revm., No. 3, page 90, 1976.

A. A. Matulis.