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STOKES COLLAR (W. Stokes, Irish doctor, 1804 — 1878; synonym Stokes symptom) — hypostasis of a neck, quite often heads, upper extremities, area of shovels.

The page of century results from a prelum of an upper vena cava, and also the right or left brachiocephalic veins. At a prelum of the last hypostasis is more expressed on the party of defeat.

Mediastinites, benign tumors of a mediastinum (dermoid cysts, fibromas, myomas, etc.), a retrosternal craw, tumors of a thymus, bronchogenic cancer of a lung, increase limf, nodes can be the cause of a prelum at metastasises of tumors, a lymphogranulomatosis, a lymphosarcoma, etc., and also vypotny a pericardis, a coelomic cyst of a pericardium, aneurysm of chest department of an aorta, heart diseases, a pulmonary heart.

The page of century often is followed by puffiness and the cyanosis of the person sometimes expressed by swelling of veins of a neck and breast, is preferential on an exhalation.

Also other signs of a prelum of bodies of a mediastinum can accompany it: dysphagy (see), hoarseness of a voice, silent cough, stidor breath (see. Stridor ), anisocoria (see).

S.'s treatment is directed to a basic disease century.

See also Mediastinal syndrome , Venas cava, pathology .

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S. M. Kamenker.