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STERILIZING — specially equipped room, carry out sterilization of surgical materials to Krom (tools, linen, dressing means, gloves, systems for transfusion of liquids, devices for drainage of wounds, prostheses, etc.).

There are S. at surgery block (see) and centralized.

Pages at a surgery block service only a surgery block and enter into its structure as rooms of a sterile zone. Through special windows they are directly reported with the operational hall. Shall answer with page at a surgery block to a row technical and a dignity. - a gigabyte. requirements: it is good to be ventilated (the pritochny air flow shall pass through the special filters detaining dust); to be available to wet cleaning and disinfection (in particular, using chemically aggressive means); to be rather spacious that promotes ensuring implementation of requirements of the accident prevention during the work with electric heaters and coppers of high pressure; to meet the requirements of fire safety. It is desirable that S. accommodated in 3 — 5 rooms, in to-rykh it is possible to place separately sterilizers (autoclaves), cases for dry-heat sterilization, boilers, cases storages of sterile materials and the equipment. One of rooms intends for preparation of dressing means (napkins, tampons, balls, etc.). If in to lay down. establishment there is also centralized S., sterile material from it comes to the operating room through S. at a surgery block where delete its external packaging, sort and as required give in protective shells to the operational hall.

The elder instrument nurse bears responsibility for work in S. The page is serviced by the nurses having documentary confirmed right to work with coppers under pressure and electric heaters.

Daily in S.'s rooms wet cleaning, 1 time in 10 — 15 days — clear-out with wiping of walls and ceilings solutions of antiseptic agents, 2 times a year — disinfection with obligatory replacement of filter elements of the vent system is carried out.

The centralized S. is a special service on sterilization (and it is frequent also to preparation) materials (from dressing means, a suture material to medicines and the equipment). It can be various power — from the small workshop (for providing-tsy) to the industrial enterprise with product lines, washing automatic machines, packaging devices and other equipment, capable to provide with sterile material the area or the city. Sterilization of materials at such enterprises is made as in sterilizers (autoclaves), boilers, dry-heat cases, and modern methods of beam and ultrasonic sterilization.

The current trend in implementation in practice of work to lay down. institutions of the centralized sterilization is based first of all on its reliability, and also profitability, the edge is reached due to mechanization and automation of productions. Use for packaging of sterile materials of synthetic protective films provides preservation of sterility on a long term. At such sterilization widely use materials of single application. The centralized sterilization is perspective in field surgery.

See also Sterilizers , Sterilization .

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