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STERDZHA-VEBERA DISEASE (W. A. Sturge, English doctor, 1850 — 1919; F. P. Weber, English doctor, 1863 — 1962; synonym: angiomatosis encephalo-trigeminalis, neuroangiomatosis craniofacialis) — the disease which is relating to group of fakomatoz (inborn neyroektomezodermalny displaziya), characterized by a triad of symptoms: dermatological — existence of a unilateral vascular birthmark (naevus) on face skin and mucous membranes; ophthalmologic — an angioma of a choroid of an eye, crimpiness of vessels of a retina, glaucoma; neurologic — an intellectual underdevelopment, epileptic seizures, various focal neurologic symptoms (on kraniogramma — the centers of calcification in substance of a brain) — see. Entsefalotrigeminalny angiomatosis .