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STERCOBILIN (Latin stercus of kcal + bilis bile; synonym L-urobilin) — the main pigment a calla, concerns to group of bilious pigments. S.'s maintenance in daily quantity the calla (see) has great diagnostic value for differentiation parenchymatous, mechanical and hemolitic jaundices (see). At parenchymatous jaundice S.'s maintenance in Calais is lowered, at hemolitic jaundice is increased, and at mechanical jaundice of S. can be absent completely. The lowered S.'s removal is observed at children, and also at a cachexia or owing to oral administration of nek-ry antibiotics.

Page — one of end products of a catabolism gem (see. Gemoglobin ), it is formed in a large intestine at recovery bilirubin (see), getting in intestines bile (see). Under the influence of bacteria of intestinal microflora there is a recovery of bilirubin to formation of urobilinigens (see. Urobilin ), hl. obr. L-urobilinigen — stercobilinogen. The ground mass of stercobilinogen is removed with a stake except for a small amount of the stercobilinogen getting to blood and removed then from an organism with urine. Autookisleniye of stercobilinogen oxygen of air leads to S.'s education — the yellow-orange pigment defining color a calla and causing its darkening on air and to light. In the absence of S. by kcal it is decoloured and has characteristic color of clay.

At the person per day with a stake 50 — 250 mg of urobilino-id, hl are normal removed. obr. in the form of stercobilinogen (according to other data, 40 — 320 mg).

Methods of definition

Methods of definition of S. in Calais actually are methods of definition of total quantity of urobili-noid (in a wedge, practice can call incorrectly urobilinovy bodies a calla the term «stercobilin», and urobilinovy bodies of urine — «urobilin»), to-rye normal after oxidation of stercobilinogen generally consist of Page. For identification of «stercobilin» in Calais put the test with corrosive sublimate based on emergence of pink coloring, intensity to-rogo depends on the maintenance of urobilinoid. Presence of «stercobilin» in Calais comes to light also in reaction with zinc acetate in the presence of solution of Lugol on a green luminescence in a filtrate. Spectroscopic definition of S. is based on identification of a specific strip of absorption between Fraunhofer lines E and F. For quantitative definition of «stercobilin» across Adler (see. Adler method ) to Kalou washed by petroleum ether from indole (see) and skatole (see), add okealat zinc, alcohol and spirit solution of iodine and register the maximum cultivation of a filtrate giving weak fluorescence.

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