STEPANOV Evgeny Mikhaylovich

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STEPANOV Evgeny Mikhaylovich (1855 — 1923) — the domestic otorhinolaryngologist.

STEPANOV Evgeny Mikhaylovich

In 1878 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that. In 1881 held the position of the city intern created then for the first time by diseases of an ear, nose and throat in the Moscow Old E to katerinin-sky hospital and soon opened department of diseases of an ear, throat and nose in specially equipped building. This department became later base of development of surgical otorhinolaryngology in our country, specialization and improvements of doctors on this discipline. In 1893 protected dokt. the thesis on the subject «Materials to Pathological Anatomy and an Aetiology of a Scleroma (Nega)» it was also approved as the privatdozent medical f-that Moscow un-that. In 1911 left from un-that together with progressive professorate in protest at actions of the reactionary minister of education Kasso. Since 1909 the consultant of LOR-department Pirogovskoy (nowadays the 1st Town) hospitals. Since 1918 professor, the director of clinic of the 1st Moscow un-that on the basis of New and Ekaterina's hospital.

E. M. Stepanov created sh a spinning top of domestic surgeons-otologists. It the first in Russia carried out a mastoidotomy (1883), described the original form of hemorrhagic laryngitis, ear bleedings connected with a menstrual cycle, herpes of a throat; made changes to a technique nek-ry from - surgeries, to technology of preparation of microscopic drugs, offered a number of new tools.

E. M. Stepanov was one of organizers, and since 1904 the chairman Moscow scientific about-va otorhinolaryngologists.

Works: Seven cases of operation of an empyema on an antiseptic way, M., 1881 (sovm. with other); To casuistry of a perichondritis of a throat, M., 1883; About hemorrhagic laryngitis, M., 1883; The Case of the ear bleedings replacing menstrual. M, 1885; Materials to pathological anatomy and an etiology of a scleroma (Nega), a yew., M., 1893.

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