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STOEKKEL Walther (Stoeckel Walter, 1871 — 1961) is the German obstetrician-gynecologist.

Medical education

the assistant to women's clinic Bonn un-that completed in Konigsberg un-those in 1895, in 1898 — 1903, from 1904 to 1907 professor of the 2nd women's clinic in hospital you Rummage in Berlin, the cut directed E. B at ml, and in 1907 — 1910 the manager. obstetric and gynecologic clinic in Marburg. In 1910 — 1922 headed obstetric and gynecologic clinic in Kiel, and in 1922 — 1926 — in Leipzig. In 1926 — 1950 managed department of obstetrics and gynecology in Berlin.

V. Shtekkel is the author of St. 280 scientific works, including several monographs and the managements, on obstetrics, operational gynecology and urology. It modified a vulval technique of removal of a cancer-stricken uterus together with appendages and pelvic cellulose, operation of a direct myoplasty at an incontience of urine at women is offered (operation Shtekke-lya), ways of sewing up of urinogenital fistulas and plastic recovery of a female urethra are developed, epidural anesthesia is entered into practice.

In 1951 it was awarded with the National prize GDR.

Works: Die Cystoskopie des Gyniikologen, Lpz., 1904; Atlas der gynakologischen Cystoskopie, B., 1908; Lehrbuch der gynakologischen Cystoskopie und Urethroskopie, B., 1910; Lehrbuch der Gynakologie, 3rd prod., Lpz., 1931, 14 prod., 1960 (the Russian lane, M. — JI., 1934); Lehrbuch der Geburtshilfe, 2nd prod., Jena, 1923 (the Russian lane, M. — L., 1933), 13th prod., 1961 (edition).

Bibliography: Kraatz H.

In memo riam Walter Stoeckel, Dtsch. Gesundh. - Wes., S. 986, 1961; it, Laudatio fur Walter Stoeckel, Zbl. Gynak., S. 494, 1961.