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SHTYOFFENA REAKTION (S. of Steffen, Austrian immunologist, sort. in 1918) — the immunological reaction used for detection of antibodies (preferential incomplete autoantibodies) to isoantigens of cells of fabrics. Highway of river is founded that autoantibodies (see), connecting to isoantigens of cells of fabrics, keep ability to connect anti-globulin (antibodies to immunoglobulin of the person) that is determined by reduction of a caption of anti-globulin.

III. the river is applied to detection of autoantibodies to granulocytes of c to thrombocytes at autoimmune diseases of blood, to kernels of cells at a system lupus erythematosus, to cells of a liver at cirrhosis of a peche-chena, hron. hepatitis, to cells of nervous tissue at a multiple sclerosis, to tissue of a thyroid gland (at Hayeikhmoto's disease), to tissue of a myocardium at rheumatism, myocarditis, to muscles at a myasthenia, to connecting fabric at a pseudorheumatism. Highway of river can also be used in experimental conditions for definition of autoantibodies in blood serum of animals. However on Sh.'s sensitivity of river concedes to an indirect method of an immunofluorescence and a radioim-munny method of definition of autoantibodies (see. Serological researches) also finds the lesser application.

For Sh.'s statement by the river previously prepare a homogeneous suspension of cells (e.g., leukocytes, cells of a liver, brain, etc.), to the Crimea it is supposed to find the antibodies which are in blood serum of the patient. Then add the same volume of blood serum of the patient to a suspension of cells. Mix is mixed and placed in the thermostat at t ° 37 ° for 1 hour. Cells wash the tenfold volume of isotonic solution of sodium chloride. Add 0,15 — 0,25 ml of antiglobu-linovy serum with the known antiserum capacity to a deposit of cells, to-rye determine by Rh-positive

erythrocytes, sensibilized by incomplete anti-B antibodies (see Koombs reaction). Contents are mixed, 10 min. incubate at the room temperature and centrifuge. In nadosadochny liquid define a caption of the remained antibodies. The final stage of Sh. of river is similar to the second stage of indirect reaction of Koombs.

At control researches use antiglobulinovy serum after its contact with the cells of fabrics which are not processed by blood serum of the patient. On a difference of credits of two samples of antiglobuli-new serum judge extent of consumption of antiglobulinovy antibodies in experience, a cut express as a percentage. The result of reaction is considered positive if consumption of antiglobulinovy antibodies makes not less than 20%.

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