STEFANSKY Vyacheslav Karlovic

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STEFANSKY Vyacheslav Karlovic (1867 — 1949) — the Soviet infectiologist and the microbiologist.

STEFANSKY Vyacheslav Karlovic

Upon termination of in 1893 medical f-that Kiev un-that worked until the end of the life in infectious diseases hospital of Odessa and at the same time (since 1897) at the Odessa bacteriological station transformed after Great October socialist revolution in Bacteriological by in-t where he managed serumal department.

Since 1908 occupied the post of the privatdozent of medical faculty Novorossiysk un-that in Odessa. In 1921 it was elected professor of the department of infectious diseases, the first in Ukraine, created by it. In 1902, participating in elimination of outbreak of plague in Odessa, found the disease similar to a leprosy in gray rats. The causative agent of this disease of rats (Mycobacterium leprae murium) opened for them entered literature under the name of «Stefansko-go's stick». The leprosy of rats («Stefansky's leprosy») was the only model of a leprosy of the person. Development of this problem served as its subject dokt. theses «Acidproof bacteria. A disease of skin and lymphatic glands at rats, similar to leprosy», protected in 1906

. To. Stefansky is an author apprx. 60 scientific works devoted to hl. obr. to questions of clinic and treatment of plague, cholera, leprosy, diphtheria, dysentery and scarlet fever. World recognition was gained by its work about treatment of plague. In the 90th 19 century it one of the first in Russia entered into practice an intubation instead of tracheotomy at a diphtheritic croup; showed advantage of intramuscular introduction antidiphtherial and other serums before hypodermic. V. K. Stefansky was a hot supporter and the propagandist of the full-fledged and mixed food of patients with a typhoid and scarlet fever. In 1929 it was published and its textbook «Course of Infectious Diseases» was several times republished.

V. K. Stefansky conducted a number of researches in the field of epidemiology: in experiences on himself he disproved the ideas of a role of bed bugs extended at that time in transfer of a typhinia, studied value of a bacteriocarrier in epidemiology of dysentery, etc.

V. K. Stefansky was the permanent chairman of the Odessa department All-Union about-va epidemiologists, microbiologists and infectiologists, headed Odessa therapeutic about-in.

Works: Plague and its treatment, Odessa, 1910; Diphtheria and its treatment, Odessa — M., 1912; Plague barracks in Odessa, in book: Plague in Odessa in 1910, under the editorship of L. N. Malinovsky, etc., SPb., 1912; Course of infectious diseases, Odessa, 192-9.

Bibliography: Gimmelfarb I., V. K. Stefansky, Doctor, business, No. 9, page 855, 1949; Grigorovich N. A., B. K. Stefansky, Zhurn. mikr., epid. and immun., No. 7, page 135, 1959.

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