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STEATORRHEA (steatorrhoea; Greek stear, steatos fat + rhoia expiration; synonym: fat chair, oil chair) — the increased allocation with a stake of fatty substances. At the healthy person at moderate consumption of fat it practically all is acquired, with a stake no more than 5 — 7 g a day are allocated. At S. the amount of fat in Calais exceeds 7 g a day and can reach several hundred grams.

The page arises owing to disturbance of processes of digestion and absorption of fats, is more rare as a result of the accelerated evacuation of intestinal contents. The page occurs at pathology of intestines, pancreas, liver and bilious channels, at the patients who transferred a resection of a stomach and a small bowel. At enterita (see. Enteritis ), gluten disease (see), a divertuculosis of intestines (see. Intestines ) and it amyloidosis (see), diseases Krone (see. Krone disease ) the steatorrhea is caused by disturbance of absorption fat to - t, at pancreatitis (see), mucoviscidosis (see) — disturbance of hydrolysis of fats in connection with deficit of enzyme of a lipase. At damage of a liver or bilious channels the arising cholestasia interferes with receipt in intestines bilious to - the t necessary for digestion and absorption of lipids. The page develops also at a secondary sprue (see. Malabsorption syndrome ) at patients psoriasis (see), eczema (see), at endocrine diseases, nek-ry types hemoblastoses (see), abetalipoproteinemiya (see). Reception of nek-ry medicines, abuse of purgatives can also be S.

Stepen S. reason depends on weight of defeat of a small bowel and a pancreas. At diseases of an ileal gut of S. can become the reason oksaluriya (see) and further formations of oxalic urinary stones (see). This results from the fact that normal oxalates in intestines are connected with calcium, and at S. calcium forms precipitated calcium superphosphates with not soaking up fats, and oxalates remain in a soluble form.

In to diagnosis The page matters a macroscopic research a calla: excrements of gray or grayish-white color, soft, mazevidny, are badly washed away. Microscopically in Calais are found in the increased quantities neutral fat, fat to - you, washed (see Kal). For more exact assessment of degree of S. use quantitative determination of content of fat in Calais by a chemical method (see. Kal ). S.'s character (disturbance of splitting or absorption of fats) is defined by a radio isotope research. At S. connected with a disease of intestines, the increased release of fat with a stake is revealed at loading both fat to - that, and neutral fat, at S. caused by damage of a pancreas — only at loading neutral fat.

Treatment comes down to therapy of the basic disease which caused Page.

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A. V. Frolkis.