STAROKADOMSKY Leonid Mikhaylovich

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STAROKADOMSKY Leonid Mikhaylovich (1875 — 1962) — the Soviet doctor, the specialist in the field of sea hygiene.

STAROKADOMSKY Leonid Mikhaylovich

In 1899 ended VMA. Since 1903 worked as the naval doctor in Kronstadt. In 1909 protected dokt. the thesis on «To a Question of Experimental Arteriosclerosis». In 1909 — 1915 the senior ship's doctor of the Taimyr ice breaker.

Participated in an expedition on development of the Northern Sea Route. In 1918 — 1920 the flagman doctor of a flotilla of the Arctic Ocean, the health inspector of the White Sea flotilla, then worked in management of a sanitary part of the fleet; in 1922 — 1930 the chief of sea sanitary department of the Head military and sanitary department of Red Army. In 1932 — 1934 participated in a number of polar sea expeditions. From 1938 to 1956 worked in the Central research laboratory of hygiene and sanitation at the water transport.

L. M. Starokadomsky possesses apprx. 70 scientific works on questions of sea hygiene and hydrobiology of the polar seas, a number of popular scientific articles and articles for encyclopedias. He is the author of several guides to ship hygiene and sanitary engineering and the author of several grants on hygiene of krasnoflotets. The name of L. M. Starokadomsky carries the island in the Arctic Ocean.

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