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STARLING LAW ( E. H. Starling , English physiologist, 1866 — 1927; synonym: Franc — Starlinga the law, the law of heart) — the physiological pattern establishing dependence of force of reductions of heart on degree of stretching of myocardial fibers.

Page z. it was formulated by the English physiologist E. Starling on the basis of experiences on heart-lung preparation of a dog (1912 — 1918). Afterwards it was established that S. z. takes place and in the conditions of a complete organism of animals and the person.

Page z. establishes dependence between filling of heart blood in a diastole and force of the subsequent reduction of a myocardium: the more blood accumulates in cardial cavities during a diastole, the fibers of a myocardium stretch stronger and the stronger they are reduced at the following systole. Starling the law reflects compliance between inflow of blood to heart and its outflow from it.

Page z. makes a basis of hetero-metric regulation of cordial activity (see. Heart ) also it is shown only in the certain range of stretching of fibers of a myocardium. At stretching of fibers over the known limit of reduction of a myocardium do not increase, and, on the contrary, are weakened.

The regulating S.'s role z. it is shown at many forms of pathology of heart, napr, at insufficiency of valves of an aorta, being the reason of development of a hypertrophy of a myocardium (see. acquired ), at premature ventricular contraction (see), etc.

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