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STARAYA RUSSA — balneogryazevy the resort in the Novgorod region of RSFSR, is located in 17 km to the South from the Lake Ilmen at the place of confluence of Polisti and Porusyi in the big ancient park.

Page of R. — one of the oldest domestic resorts. In 1815 F. P. Gaaz noted high to lay down. the value of mineral sources of foundation of the resort is considered S. R. Data 1828 when the chemical analysis of mineral waters was for the first time made, the first bathing building began to apply in 1834 mud cure openly in 1839, the first sanatorium is created in 1919. In 1940 the bed fund of the resort made 1100 places. During the Great Patriotic War all buildings and constructions of the resort were destroyed by fascist invaders. After war the resort is built up again.

The climate is moderately wet, characteristic of flat forest zone S.-Z. European part of the USSR; relative humidity of 70 — 75%. The summer is short, moderately warm (average temperature of July 17,5 °), Winter moderately soft (average temperature of February — 8,3 °). Annual average amount of precipitation of 540 mm. Number of hours of sunshine in a year 1700.

Major medical factors: chloride sodium-calcium and chloride sodium magnesium-calcium waters of various degree of a mineralization (from 3 to 21 g/l) with the content of bromine and other biologically active microelements, and also the silt sulphidic mud of local salt reservoirs containing iron. Waters of a weak mineralization use for drinking treatment, higher — for outside balneoprotsedur (see. Balneoterapiya ), dirt — for applications and band treatment (see. Mud cure ). In summertime widely use bathing in the salty lakes formed as a result of destruction of the abandoned wells of salterns and mineral sources. Non-freezing mineral lakes, near to-rykh pass routes terrainkur (see), and the fountain of the Muravyevsky source, one of the largest in Europe, create zones of the increased ionization of air.

In the resort the sanatorium with necessary medical and diagnostic offices and laboratories, water mud baths, all-resort policlinic for ambulatories functions.

Indications to treatment in the resort: diseases of the digestive system, musculoskeletal system, peripheral nervous system and female generative organs.

Contraindications — see. Balneoterapiya , Mud cure .

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V. V. Poltoranov.