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STANLEY Wendell (Stanley Wendell Meredith, 1904 — 1971) — the American biochemist and the virologist, the member of National academy of Sciences of the USA (1941), the Nobel Prize laureate (1946).

STENLI Wendell

In 1926 left Erlemsky college. After defense of a thesis on organic chemistry since 1929 worked in Illinois un-those, in 1930 trained in Munich un-those (Germany), in 1931 worked in Rock Feller in-those medical researches (New York); in 1932 passed in Rock Feller in-t in Princeton. Since 1948 professor Californian un-that in Berkeley where till 1969 directed the virologic laboratory created by it and at the same time headed departments of biochemistry (1948 — 1953) and virology (1958 — 1964).

U. Stanley's researches are devoted to hl. obr. chemistry of steroids and stereochemistry of diphenyls; to studying of chemical structure of viruses, their biochemistry and biophysics, mechanisms of a reproduction and mutations; to problems of cancer and organization of fight against malignant new growths. In the years of World War II (1939 — 1945) of U. Stanley, executing the order of army, developed an anti-influenza vaccine. He for the first time got viruses in a crystal look (in 1935 — a virus of a tobacco mosaic, and in 1955 — a virus of poliomyelitis of the person) that promoted further receiving pure drugs of viruses. U. Stanley created school of the American virologists-biochemists.

He was the WHO expert and the member of a number of national academies, was elected the president of the X International anticarcinogenic congress (1970).

It is conferred the Nobel Prize for a research of chemical composition of viruses together with Sumner (J. In .Sumner) and Northrop (J. N of Northrop).

Works: Isolation of crystalline protein possessing the properties of tobacco-mosaic virus, Science, v. 81, p. 644, 1935; Virus composition and structure, Fed. Proc., v. 15, p. 812, 1956; About the nature of viruses, genes and life, in book: Emergence of life on the earth, under the editorship of A. I. Oparin, etc., page 317, M., 1959; The viruses, v. 1—3, N. Y., 1959 (edition sovm. with Burnet F. M); Viruses and the nature of life, the lane with English, M., 1963 (sovm. with Velens E.).

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