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SPONGIOSAS (spongiosis; Greek spongia a sponge + - osis; synonym intercellular hypostasis) — intercellular hypostasis of an acanthceous layer of epidermis.

The page is characterized by excess accumulation in intercellular spaces of an acanthceous layer of epidermis of serous liquid that leads to their sharp expansion, stretching, and sometimes and to a rupture of intercellular bonds with formation of cavities (vesiculation). In sites C. epidermis takes a form of a sponge, from here the name of «spongiosas». A number of researchers, e.g. Stein (To. S. Stein, 1981), explains S.'s development by a difference of osmotic pressure between epidermis and a derma, the cut perhaps is the reason an ionic yield of sodium through a cytolemma of epidermotsit at them patol. states (vacuolar dystrophy, necrosis of separate cells). The page is observed at inflammatory processes in to skin (see), followed by the expressed exudation, napr, at dermatitis, eczema, a dyshydrosis, etc.

G. M. Tsvetkova.