SPOCK Benjamin

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SPOCK Benjamin (Spock Benjamin; sort. in 1903) — the American pediatrician, the public figure and the teacher.

SPOK Benjamin

Graduated from medical school at Colombian un-those (1929); doctor of medicine (1933). Since 1946 professor Clevelend un-that.

B. Spock is known generally as the propagandist of the ideas of humanistic pedagogics.

His book «Child and Care of It» covers a wide range of questions on the organization of the correct care of the child and education of children in a family. It sustained in the USA four editions the general circulation apprx. 30 million copies and is the desktop management for mothers in many countries of the world. The book is translated into Russian and was twice republished in the USSR. His book «The Management for Young People in Life and Love» (1970) is known, in a cut questions of formation of psychology of teenagers and young people are taken up.

B. Spock is the active fighter for peace. The influential public organization of the USA — the American humanistic .assotsiation awarded to it an honorary title of the humanist of 1970 for tireless fight against the war in Vietnam; the U.S. Government brought him to trial for an appeal to youth to refuse to be at war in Vietnam. The publicistic book of B. Spock «To finish the war in Vietnam» is translated to a number of languages, including into Russian.

Works: Baby and child care, N. Y., 1963, 1969 (Russian lane, M., 1970); To Finish the war in Vietnam, the lane with English, M., 1970.

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