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SPLENINUM (Spleninum) — biologically active drug received from a spleen of cattle by extraction.

Transparent, light yellow liquid of saltish taste with a characteristic smell; pH 4,0 — 5,0. Apply 10% to S.'s preservation alcohol.

According to experimental data, S. has the hyposensibilizing properties, reduces permeability of capillaries, stimulates reparative processes, contributes to normalization of a nitrogen metabolism and increases detoksika-tsionny function of a liver.

Apply hl. obr. for treatment of early toxicoses of pregnant women (see). At this S. appoint intramusculary 2 ml a day within 10 days. In hard cases the daily dose is increased to 4 ml (in the morning and in the evening on 2 ml). At improvement of a state the dose of drug is reduced, appointing it on 1 ml 2 times a day within 10 — 15 days. Sometimes S. apply at a hypoparathyrosis (see) 1 — 3 ml intramusculary 1 — 2 time a day. There is an experience of use of S. for treatment of vasculomotor and allergic rhinitis (see). In these cases of S. enter intramusculary, and also locally — by an injection under a mucous membrane of nasal sinks or by an ultrasonic fonoforez of ointment, the containing S. Poluchena data on S.'s efficiency in complex therapy exudative and catarral diathesis (see) at children, small tortoiseshells (see) and nek-ry dermatosis.

Form of release: in ampoules on 1 ml. Store in the place protected from light.

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D. N. Samoylov.