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SPLANCHNOMEGALY (Greek splanchna of an interior + megas, megalon big) — the increase in the sizes of internals which is not followed by change of their microscopic structure. Do not refer the increase in the sizes of internals arising quite often, e.g., at inf to S. diseases, inflammatory processes, diseases of blood, disturbances krovo-and lymphokineses, an amyloidosis, etc., caused patol. reorganization of fabric of body, and also the increase in the sizes of body caused hypertrophy (see).

Increase in one any body call partial or partial S., and increase in all internals — generalized C. The splanchnomegaly arises as a malformation of body or its separate fabric elements more often (see Malformations). E.g., the underdevelopment of the intramural nervous device often is the cornerstone of such cases of partial S. as megacolon (see), megaduodenum (see. Duodenum ), a megaureter (see. Ureter ), etc. Generalized S. is usually observed at acromegalias (see) and giantism (see). It is expressed, e.g., kardio-, gepato-or a splenomegaly, connected with hormonal stimulation of a parenchyma and stroma of internals, in the conditions of hyperproduction somatotropic hormone (see) a hypophysis.

M. N. Lantsman.