SPIZHARNY Ivan Konstantinovich

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SPIZHARNY Ivan Konstantinovich (1857 — 1924) — the Soviet surgeon, professor.

SPIZHARNY Ivan Konstantinovich

In 1877 for participation in revolutionary movement it was expelled from the St. Petersburg medicochirurgical academy and it is sent for three years to the Vyatka province. In 1884 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that and it was left the intern, and then the assistant at faculty surgical clinic. In 1890 protected dokt. the thesis on «To the Doctrine about Surgery of a Brain and about Process of Healing of Wounds of This Body». Since 1891 the privatdozent, since 1893 extraordinary, and from 1899 to 1906 ordinary professor of department of surgical pathology. From 1906 to 1924 the manager. faculty surgical clinic Moscow un-that.

I. K. Spizharny is an author more than 60 scientific works on surgery of diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, bilious ways, surgical treatment of a peptic ulcer and a carcinoma of the stomach, a thyrotoxicosis, and also on traumatology and orthopedics, etc. The new way of a myoplasty of an abdominal wall at its defects is offered them, the method of intra bone fixing of fragments a metal pin, etc.

I. K. Spizharny was the chairman of the X congress of the Russian surgeons (1910), the chairman Moscow surgical about-va, was elected the honorary member Moscow and Saratov surgical about - century.

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