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SPIROKHETOZA (spirochetosis, the singular) — group of infectious diseases of the person and the animals called by pathogenic spirochetes.

Pages are subdivided into the infections caused by treponemas (sort Treponema) — treponematoza, borreliya (sort Borrelia) — borreliosis and leptospiram (sort Leptospira) — hay fever (see).

The group of treponematoz of the person includes syphilis (see), frambeziya (see) and pint (see). All these diseases are aptroponozam (see). Frambeziya and pint are widespread in the nek-ry countries of Africa, the Southern Asia, Central and South America, syphilis — is universal.

Carry to group of treponematoz and bedzhel (the activator T. bejel) — not venereal disease which is found in a number of the countries of North Africa and the Middle East. Transfer of activators at this disease is connected with bad sanitary and hygienic conditions. Children are ill more often. Gummous cankers of skin and mucous membranes, papules vegitans and plaques of a mucous membrane of a mouth, palmar and bottom develop keratoza (see), centers alopecias (see) and vitiligo (see).

Enter into group of borreliosis a typhinia — vshiny and tick-borne (see. Typhinia ). The Vshiny typhinia (recurrentis activator B.) — acute inf. a disease with characteristic attacks of fever. A tick-borne typhinia (activators — spirochetes of different types of the sort Borrelia) — an acute prirodnoochagovy disease; meets on all continents, except Australia.

Carry to S. also such insufficiently studied infections as a bronchial spirochetosis, intestinal sleep-rokhetozy, fuzospirokhetoz, the South American spirochetosis. At such diseases as, e.g., Simanovsky's quinsy — Plauta — Vincent (see. Quinsy ), the stomacace, caries, is supposed association of spirochetes with various bacteria.

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