SPIRIN Alexander Sergeyevich

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SPIRIN Alexander Sergeyevich (sort. in 1931) — the Soviet biochemist, the academician of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1970), the winner of the Lenin award (1976).

SPIRIN Alexander Sergeyevich

Graduated from MSU (1954). A. N. Belozersky's pupil. G1962 of manager. laboratory Ying-that biochemistry of A. N. Bach of Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Since 1964 professor of department of phytochemistry of MSU, and since 1973 the department chair of molecular biology. At the same time (since 1967) the director Ying-that squirrel of Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

A.S. Spirin is an author more than 180 scientific works, including 3 monographs. The main works are devoted to biochemistry nucleinic to - to t and biosynthesis of proteins. In 1957 together with A. N. Belozersky on the basis of systematic comparative analysis of composition of DNA and RNA at bacteria predicted existence of information RNA (see. RNA ). Gave the first qualitative description of macro-molecular structure of high-polymeric RNA (1959 — 1961); opened structural transfomations of ribosomes and formulated one of philosophy of their structure (1963); proved a possibility of artificial reconstruction (self-assembly) of ribosomes (1963 — 1966); found and studied a new class of intracellular particles — informosomes (1964); offered model of the molecular mechanism of work of a ribosome in the course of biosynthesis of protein (1968) and together with L. P. Gavrilova experimentally showed a possibility of biosynthesis of protein on structurally modified ribosomes out of a cell for lack of euzymatic factors and external energy sources — «not euzymatic» broadcasting (1970 — 1974). Experimentally established the philosophy of bio-energetics of work of a ribosome (1975); developed the theory of solid-phase extracellular systems of controlled biosynthesis of polypeptides on ribosomes (1976); put forward and proved ideas of a role of informosomny proteins in a biogenesis, transport and functioning of information RNA (1977). Offered and experimentally proved model of quarternary structure of one of two subparticles of a ribosome (1978 — 1980). For participation in a cycle of works on opening and studying iiformosy it is conferred the Lenin award.

A.S. Spirin is awarded medals of Federation European biochemical about-in of Hans Krebs (1969). He is honourable doctor Granadsky un-that, the member of the German academy of scientists of Leopoldin (1974), the member of council and executive committee of the International organization for studying of a gsletka — IKRO (1969).

It is awarded by two Orders of Lenin.

Works: Some problems of macro-molecular structure of RNA, M., 1963; RNA. (Structure, structure and biological role), M., 1964; Ribosome, M., 1968, 1971 (sovm. from Gavrilovy JI. Item).

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