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SPINULOZIZM (spinulosismus; lat. spinula small thorn, prickle; synonym shipovatost of skin) — the symptom which is characterized by education on skin of small follicular small knots in the center to-rykh small dry dense spinules of a conical or threadlike shape are located. It is histologically noted hyperkeratosis (see) mouths of a hair follicle, in horn masses to-rogo the atrophied or broken-off hair is located. The page is quite often combined with a xeroderma and Crocq's disease (see). The page in the form of the grouped, limited or widespread rashes meets as the main manifestation aculeiform depriving (lichen spinulosus) or aculeiform Krokker's likhen — Adamson (see. Keratoza ), and also as follicular flat depriving one of symptoms (see. Deprive red flat ), Lassyuer's syndrome — Littla (see. Littla — Lassyuera a syndrome ), ichthyosis (see), etc.