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SPINA VENTOSA (Latin spina a thorn, a bone + ventosus which are blown up, swelled up) — tuberculosis of a diaphysis short, is more rare than long tubular bones.

SPINA VENTOSA, as a rule, strikes symmetrically several bones and is combined with tuberculosis of a respiratory organs, peripheral limf, nodes, eyes, skin, kidneys. Occurs almost only at children of early age. At children of school age of SPINA VENTOSA it is noted much less often, and at adults it is observed as an exception.

At SPINA VENTOSA tubercular process, as a rule, takes spongy and compact substance of a bone, but is most expressed in the center of a diaphysis. Local circulatory disturbances and development of ischemia of tissues of bone are caused by growth of a periosteum, especially in the middle of a diaphysis therefore the bone gets a spindle-shaped form. Further the necrosis of a bone and formation of sequesters is observed. S is most often observed. v. phalanxes of fingers of brushes and feet, metacarpal and plusnevy bones. However the possibility of localization of SPINA VENTOSA of long tubular bones — tibial, elbow, beam, humeral is not excluded.

In detail a wedge, a picture, the diagnosis, treatment, the forecast and prevention of SPINA VENTOSA — see. Tuberculosis extra pulmonary, tuberculosis of bones and joints .

Yu. V. Pikuleva.