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SPERMATURIA (Greek sperma, spermat[os] + uron wetting a seed) — availability of sperm in urine.

A small amount of spermatozoa in urine can be observed normal after sexual intercourse. Usually spermaturiyeyo call patol. release of sperm with urine, at Krom sperm from ejaculatory channels gets not to peripheral departments of an urethra, and to a cavity of a bladder. It is observed during the narrowing and an obliteration of an urethra, changes of ejaculatory channels as a result of the postponed inflammatory diseases or injuries, and also at nek-ry anomalies of development of urinogenital bodies; more rare at decrease in a tone of an internal sphincter of an urethra after operations for adenoma of a prostate.

Treatment it is directed to elimination of the reasons of Page.

Forecast concerning reproductive function doubtful.