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SPERMATOTSELE (spermatocele; Greek sperma, spermat[os] seed + kele tumor; synonym seed cyst) — spermatocele or its appendage.

Inborn S. can develop in a small egg from the remains of a myullerov of a channel (gidatid without leg), in an epididymis — from the remains of a volfov of a body (gidatid on a leg), in a seed cord — from the parepididymis (paradidymis) representing also the rest of a volfov of a body located here. The inborn cyst is filled with the transparent liquid of light yellow color supporting squirrels, without spermatozoa.

The acquired S. develops more often at an obliteration of channels of a small egg, an epididymis, a deferent duct as a result of an injury or inflammatory process and is essentially a retentsionny cyst (see. Cyst ). The wall of such cyst is formed by connecting fabric and covered by a cylindrical epithelium. S.'s contents of inflammatory or traumatic genesis can be transparent or muddy, dense, sometimes remind milk, have alkali reaction, do not contain protein. The B it can find leukocytes, cells of an epithelium, sometimes spermatozoa.

More often S. slowly increases in sizes and does not cause unpleasant feelings. Its significant increase causes feeling of weight in inguinal area. At a palpation roundish education decides on a smooth surface (the surface of a multichamber cyst can be uneven), a myagkoelastichesky consistence, painless, sometimes fluctuating. Inborn S.'s localization depends on from what embryonal rudiments the cyst develops.

Diagnosis put on the basis of survey, results of a diafanoskopiya (see. Gidrotsele ), the liquid confirming existence in a cyst, and also a diagnostic puncture. The differential diagnosis is carried out with a tumor of a small egg or its appendage (see. Small egg ), with to a gidrotsela (see). Unlike the gidrotsel at S. the small egg and its appendage well are defined palpatorno.

Treatment operational, consists in enucleation of a cyst. Operation at adults is made under local anesthesia, at children — under anesthetic.

Forecast favorable.

Bibliography: The guide to clinical urology, under the editorship of A. Ya. Pytel, page 507, M., 1970.

K. D. Panikratov.