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SPERMATORRHEA (spermatorrhoea; Greek sperma, spermat[os] seed + rhoe current, expiration; synonym expiration of a seed) — slow, without characteristic pushes, release of sperm from an urethra in the absence of an erection and an orgasm. Arises at a muscle tension of a prelum abdominale, a thicket at defecation, cough.

The mechanism of development is not absolutely clear. The page meets at diseases of c. N of page (hron. a myelitis, a general paralysis, back to tabes, etc.), at hron. diseases of urinogenital system (an urethritis, a colliculitis, a vesiculitis, prostatitis, a balanoposthitis, etc.), and also at a proctal itch, an enterobiosis, cracks of an anus.

The page can be followed by increased fatigue, headaches, the dispeptic phenomena, decrease in efficiency of patients.

The diagnosis is made on the basis of identification at microscopic examination in allocations from an urethra spermatozoa (see).

Treatment is directed to the disease which was the reason of Page.

The forecast depends on a basic disease.

K. D. Panikratov.