SPERANSKY Georgy Nestorovich

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SPERANSKY Georgy Nestorovich (1873 — 1969) — the Soviet pediatrician, one of founders of the Soviet pediatrics, the member correspondent of AN (1943), the academician of AMH (1944), Hera of Socialist Work (1957), the winner of the Lenin award (1970), zasl. scientist of RSFSR (1934).

SPERANSKY Georgy Nestorovich

Ended medical f-t Moscow un-that in 1898. Worked as the intern, and then the assistant in the children's clinic un-that headed by N. F. Filatov. Was the first pediatrician in Russia who began to work in a maternity home (1906), at Krom he organized and headed children's consultation (1907). In 1910 created on charitable means a clinic for babies. In 1913 organized at a clinic consultation on leaving and feeding of children of chest age. After Great October socialist revolution was one of organizers of creation of system of protection of motherhood and the childhood in the country. On its initiative the educational house on Solyanka in Moscow was reorganized into the House of protection of the baby (1919), and then in State scientific in-t of protection of motherhood and an infancy (afterwards Ying t of pediatrics of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences). From 1922 to 1931 the director of it in-that. Since 1932 the department chair of pediatrics of the CCP.

G. N. Speransky is an author more than 200 scientific works devoted to development of problems of physiology and pathology of early children's age including the period of a neonatality. Methods of feeding, leaving of pi of education of children are evidence-based by it: For the first time in the USSR G. N. Speransky prr1stupil to development of a problem of antenatal prevention of diseases of a fruit and the newborn. For a cycle of works on physiology and pathology of the children of early age promoting falloff of incidence and mortality among them, G. N. Speransky together with Yu. F. Dombrovska and A. F. By a tour it is conferred the Lenin award.

The considerable number of its works is devoted to sepsis of newborns, respiratory diseases, acute went. - kish. to diseases. The classification of these diseases developed by G. N. Speransky and his pupils is approved at the VIII All-Union congress of children's doctors (1962). At the initiative of G. Speransky at the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences the committee for coordination of scientific works on pediatrics in the country is created, to-ry it headed for many years.

Together with V. G. Grigoriev and S. A. Vasilyev G. N. Speransky wrote down and published two volumes of lectures of N. F. Filatov, to-rye ran into several editions, were the reference book of domestic pediatricians and did not lose the scientific value to this day. In 1913 it began release of periodic collections «Materials on Studying of Chest Age». In 1922 on its initiative the Pediatriya magazine was organized (till 1934. «The magazine on studying of early children's age»), an editor to-rogo it was for 47 years. G. N. Speransky was also an editor of red-department «Pediatrics» of the 1st and 2nd prod. BME, the chairman Vsesoyuznogo, the board member Vserossiyskogo and Moscow about-in children's doctors.

G. N. Speransky was an active popular writer of medical knowledge. Its brochures «The alphabet of mother», «Mother and the child» were repeatedly republished in the USSR and abroad.

It is awarded by the Orders of Lenin (four), Labour Red Banners (two) and medals. Was the honorary member of foreign countries, scientific about-in a row.

Works: Classification of frustration of food of children of early age, M., 1926; The Technique - rational feeding of the child, M., 1928; Pathogeny of toxic dyspepsia, Owls. doctor, zhurn., No. 1, page 1, 1936; Sepsis of early children's age, in book: Probl. teort. and praktich. medical, under the editorship of Ya. L. Grossman, Saturday. 3, page 5, M. — L., 1937; Food of the healthy and sick child, M., 1959 (edition sovm. with other); Hardening of the child of early and preschool age, M., 1964 (sovm. from E. D. Zab-ludovskaya); To studying of allergic diseases at early children's age, in book: An allergy in patol. the childhood, under the editorship of G. N. Speransky, page. And, M., 1969 (sovm. from Sokolova T. S.).

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