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SPASMOLYTINUM (Spasmolytinum; synonym: Diphacil, Adiphenin, Trasentin, Vagospasmyl etc.; joint venture. B) — holinoblokiruyushchy means. β-diethylaminoethyl ether 1,1-diphenyl-acetic to - you are a hydrochloride; With 20 H 25 NO 2 - HCl:

White crystal powder of saltish and bitter taste. Let's well dissolve in water, it is easily alcohol-soluble also chloroform, it is practically not ether-soluble; pier. weight (weight) 347,87; t ° pl 112-114 °. In water solutions it is gradually hydrolyzed.

The village has atropinopodobnsh properties, but on m-holinoblokiruyushchey of activity concedes to atropine (see) by 500 — 1000 times. At S. action is more expressed to N-holinoblokiruyushchee. It blocks N-holinoretseptory of c. N of page, vegetative gangliyev and related educations by it. It is similar to a papaverine (see) possesses direct myotropic spasmolytic action on smooth muscles of internals and vessels. On spasmolytic activity does not concede to a papaverine. On c. the N of page exerts sedative impact.

Apply Page at the morbid conditions proceeding with spasms of smooth muscles of internals (a pylorospasm, a spastic colitis, hepatic and renal colic, a peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum, etc.) and blood vessels (migraine, an endarteritis), and also at neuralgia, vegetative neuroses, for reduction of the phenomena of abstinence at alcoholics and at a pruritic dermatosis. Besides, S. use for regulation of patrimonial activity since it promotes more coordinate reductions of a uterus.

Appoint inside after food on 0,05 — 0,1 g 2 — 4 times a day. Course of treatment of 2 — 4 weeks.

At to overdose The page is possible dizziness, feeling of intoxication, dryness in a mouth, disturbance of accommodation. Due to the local irritative action at intake there can be dispeptic frustration. For the prevention and easing of dizziness and the feeling of intoxication caused by S. use caffeine-sodium benzoate (on 0,1 — 0,2 g in or 1 ml of 20% of solution under skin).

Because S. has sedative properties, it is not necessary to appoint it to and in operating time to persons, the profession to-rykh demands bystry mental and physical reaction (to drivers of transport, etc.). Drug is contraindicated at glaucoma.

Form of release: powder, tablets on 0,1 g, coated. Store in the dry, protected from light place.

See also Cholinolytic substances .

S. S. Liberman.