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SPALTEGOLZ Verner (Spalte-holz Werner, 1861 — 1940) is the German anatomist.

In 1885 ended Leipzig un-t. In 1885 — 1929 worked in anatomic in-those Leipzig un-that, consistently holding positions of the assistant (1885), privatdozent (1891), extraordinary professor (1892), the first prosector and keeper of the anatomic museum (1905), professor and director in-that (1921). In 1886 protected dokt. the thesis on a subject about an anastomosis of coronary arteries of heart at 'the person. Since 1929 honorary professor in resignation.


Scientific research of V. Shpal-tegolts is devoted to anatomy of blood vessels. By means of the method of an enlightenment of drugs developed by it (see Shpalypegoljts a method) he studied vessels of heart, skeletal muscles and skin. To them it was proved that coronary arteries are not final and the wall of heart is rich with an arterial anastomosis. V. Shpaltegolts investigated the relation of capillaries to muscle fibers on the example of cross-striped muscles. He established that blood vessels are unequally distributed in different sites of skin, and explained it with mechanical conditions (pressure and stretching). Studying interrelation between embryonic development of bodies and branching in them of blood vessels, V. Shpaltegolts formulated «the fundamental angioge-netichesky law» according to which the bodies having a tubular bookmark, and the bodies developing from continuous cellular weight have various blood supply.

V. Shpaltegolts created one of the best anatomic atlases; as model for drawings the drugs made by it served. The atlas is for the first time published in 1896 — 1900, was repeatedly republished, is translated into many languages, including into Russian. V. Shpaltegolts prepared the collection of the brightened-up drugs shown at the International hygienic exhibition in Dresden and St. Petersburg.

Century, Shpaltegolts was the honorary member of a row scientific about - century

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