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SOVATA (Sovata) — large klimatogryazevy the resort in SRR located on southwest slopes of East Carpathians at the height of 520 m above sea-level at a foot of the mountain Sakka (1777 m) in the county Muresh. Climate of the resort foothill, moderately wet (annual average relative humidity of 77%), summer warm (average monthly temperature of August 18,9 °), winter soft (average monthly temperature of January — 3,4 °). An annual amount of precipitation apprx. 700 mm.

Sovata. Mud baths on the bank of the lake Ursu.

Major medical factors: foothill climate, hloridno-sulfatno - a sodium-calcium brine (a mineralization of 146 g/l) and dirt of salty lakes. High-quality silt sulphidic mud differs in good plasticity and heat capacity.

Methods of treatment — a climatotherapy and mud applications, during the summer period — bathings in lakes Ur sou and to the Black — natural helioterms (see Gelioterma).

In the resort mud baths, the bathing building, sanatoria, boarding houses, resort policlinic, etc. function.

Indications. Diseases and effects of injuries of a peripheral nervous system and musculoskeletal system, disease of female generative organs,

B.B. of poltoran.