SOTSKOV Boris Stepanovich

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SOTSKOV Boris Stepanovich (1908 — 1972) — the Soviet scientist, the specialist in the field of automatic equipment, telemechanics and bionics, chl. correspondent of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1960).

SOTSKOV Boris Stepanovich

Graduated from the RKKA Voyennotekhnichesky academy in 1931 and taught in the same place (till 1938), and then in Leningrad polytechnical in-those till 1942. Since 1942 and until the end of life the manager. department and laboratory of elements of automatic equipment and at the same time (1943—1945, 1951 — 1960) deputy directors on scientific work Ying-that problems of management. Doctor of Engineering (1954), professor (1955).

The main works are devoted to development of the general theory of creation of elements and devices of automatic equipment and telemechanics, the principles of their creation and calculation; to bionic aspects of problems of management; to studying of reliability of elements. B. S. Sotskov belongs to those scientists whose researches laid pauchyyo the foundation of the State system of devices in the USSR. In the field of the theory of reliability it possesses works on physics of failures and forecasting of reliability; they were for the first time given the dependences for characteristics of reliability considering influence of a complex of external influences. He directed broad search new fiziko-the technical principles of creation of elements, including bionic, according to new tasks of management and measurement in the equipment and in biomedical researches.

B. S. Sotskov was an editor-in-chief of a redotdel «Bionics. Medical cybernetics» BME, the member of executive committees of the international federations on automatic control (IFAK) and on the measuring equipment and instrument making (IMEKO); the chairman of sections of bionics of Scientific council on cybernetics at Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR which was carrying out coordination of researches on bionics, Scientific council on problems of management of Academy of Sciences of the USSR; chairman of the organizing committees of the 2nd and 3rd All-Union conferences on bionics (1965, 1968).

Also «the Sign of Honour», and also medals is awarded by awards of the Red Star.

Works: Bases of calculation and design of electromechanical elements of automatic and telemechanical devices, M. — JI., 1965; Bases of the theory and calculation of reliability of elements and devices of automatic equipment and computer facilities, M., 1970; Elements and devices of control systems, (Chosen works), M., 1981.

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A. P. Shorygin.