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SOPOT (Sopot) — the seaside climatic resort in the Party of Russian Taxpayers. It is located on the bank of Gdansk Bay of the Baltic Sea in 12 km from Gdynia. The climate is seaside, moderately wet. Summer warm (average temperature of August 19 °), winter soft (average temperature of the coldest month of winter of February — 1,5 °). The resort is surrounded terrasoobrazno by the located heights, to-rye protect it from cold norths. Annual average amount of precipitation of 650 mm. Number of hours of sunshine in a year 1660.

Sopot. Walking pier.

The main to lay down. methods: an aerogeliotherapy, sea bathings (from the middle of June prior to the beginning of September), torfolecheniye (see). Extent wide (apprx. 200 m), is more than 3 km of hollow melkopeschany beach which is going down to the sea. In Sopot there are water mud baths, all-resort policlinic, sanatoria, boarding houses, rest houses, hotels.

Indications: hron. inflammatory diseases of a musculoskeletal system, peripheral nervous system, female generative organs, functional frustration of a nervous system, disbolism.

V. V. Poltoranov.