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SOLYUTIZON (Soluthizonum; synonym Tibonum soluble; joint venture. B.) — an antituberculous remedy. Metilensulfonat of sodium of steam-aminobenzaltiosemikarbazona monohydrate:

Crystal powder of yellowish-greenish color, bitter on taste, is dissolved in water during the heating, at boiling decays. It is synthesized in the USSR in 1964 by M. N. Schukina, N. V. Savitska and V. M. Aryuzina.

It is active concerning mycobacteria of tuberculosis, including steady against other tuberkulostatika.

Does not affect others pathogenic microorganisms. Pages apply at complex treatment of a suffering from tuberculosis respiratory organs, especially fibrous and cavernous pulmonary tuberculosis, in the form of an aerosol, and also by intratracheal or intra bronchial introduction.

For inhalations use 2 — 3 ml of 1 — 2% of solution, at children apply 1% solution. Intratrakhealno and vnutribronkhialno the guttural syringe enter 2 — 3 ml of 1 — 2% of solution. Solutions prepare ex tempore in aseptic conditions on the distilled water which is warmed up to t ° 30 °C by the subsequent cooling up to the necessary temperature. At the same time on it is general to the accepted technique apply various antituberculous remedies (see), except for a tioadetazon, Etioniamidum and Prothionamidum (because of cross resistance).

The page can render irritant action on a mucous membrane of respiratory tracts. In these cases temporarily interrupt treatment or lower concentration of solution (from 2% to 1%). Seldom there is S.'s intolerance that is followed by vomiting, dizziness, pruritic rash on skin. S.'s treatment needs to be carried out under control of function of a liver and kidneys, composition of blood.

S.'s inhalations are contraindicated at a pulmonary heart of the II—III degree, candidiasis of a mucous membrane of upper respiratory tracts and an oral cavity. With care appoint at diseases of the kidneys and a liver proceeding with their dysfunction, the hemopoietic bodies, allergic states.

Form of release: powder.

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V. V. Utkin.