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SOLUSULFONUM (Solusulfonum; synonym: Solasulfonum, Solusuifon, Sul-phedrone, Sulphetrone etc.; joint venture. B) — antileprotic means.

Tetrasodium-di-salt 4,4 (3-phenyl-1,3-disulfopropilamino) - a difenilsulfona; With 30 H 28 O 14 N 2 S 5 Na 4  :

White amorphous powder, water soluble and insoluble in organic solvents.

At hydrolysis in S.'s organism turns in diafenilsulfon. Has antimicrobic effect concerning mycobacteria of a leprosy. Apply at to a leprosy (see) intramusculary 2 once a week. The adult enter in the form of 50% of water solution, since 0,5 ml and gradually increasing a dose (by 0,5 ml weekly) to 3,5 ml. The course of treatment proceeds 6 months then do a break for 1 — 1V2 month, during to-rogo carry out fortifying treatment. To children up to 14 years S. enter in the form of 25% of solution, appointing children of 2 years — from 0,05 to 0,3 ml, up to 4 years — from 0,1 to 0,5 ml, up to 6 years — from 0,15 to 0,75 ml.

Apply to topical treatment of S. in the form of 10% of solution and ointment.

S.'s treatment is carried out is long (for years). The quantity of courses individually also depends on the term which passed from an initiation of treatment, and efficiency, edges is estimated by results of bakterioskopichesky control and gistol. researches. Prior to the beginning of and in the course of treatment it is necessary to make systematically blood tests and urine, to investigate a functional condition of a liver.

Side effect The page is shown by a headache, dizziness, the general weakness, disorders of function went. - kish. a path, pains in heart, cyanosis, anemia, damage of a liver, dermatitis, disturbances of a hemopoiesis. The page causes also an exacerbation of neuritis.

At development of by-effects and an aggravation of leprose process reduce a dose of drug or temporarily stop treatment. At persistent anemia, disturbances of functions of a liver and S.'s kidneys it is necessary to cancel immediately. For the prevention and reduction of side effect purpose of vitamins, iron preparations, the desensibilizing means is recommended.

It is contraindicated Page at diseases of a liver, kidneys, bodies of a hemopoiesis, and also at dekompensirovanny heart diseases and disorders of function went. - kish. path.

At S.'s use reception of pyramidon and barbiturates in order to avoid strengthening of toxic effect of drug is contraindicated.

Form of release: powder. Storage in the place protected from light.

N. Yu. Moskalenko.