SOLOVYYOV Mikhail Nikolaevich

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SOLOVYYOV Mikhail Nikolaevich (1886 — 1980) — the Soviet epidemiologist, the academician of AMH (1945), zasl. scientist of USSR (1946).

SOLOVYYOV Mikhail Nikolaevich

Upon termination of in 1911 medical f-that Moscow un-that worked as the district doctor in the Yelets county. In the years of World War I (1914) the junior doctor of a horse and artillery division, the doctor of sanitary and hygienic group of the case.

Since 1917 the manager. chemical and bacteriological laboratory of the Odessa military hospital. In 1918 the city epidemiologist in Odessa. In 1919 the manager. bacteriological department of laboratory of military hospital in Odessa. In 1920 — 1925 the assistant, then the privatdozent of department of epidemiology Odessa medical in-that. From 1925 to 1931 headed epidemiological department of Ukrainian sanitary and bacteriological in-that of Mechnikov in Kharkiv.

From 1932 to 1969 managed department of epidemiology Kharkiv medical in-that.

Since 1933 professor, since 1936 the doctor of medical sciences.

M. N. Solovyov published the St. 300 scientific works devoted to studying of epidemiology of cholera (its works about value of a carriage of a cholera vibrio in the epidemic centers are considered as classical), to questions of the general epidemiology (essence of epidemics, influence of social conditions on their emergence and distribution). It developed an original technique of elimination of the centers of cholera, works on studying of the reasons of spread of intestinal infections in Donbass are carried out. M. N. Solovyov is the author of the manual on epidemiology (1936).

M. N. Solovyov was an associate editor of «The magazine of microbiology, epidemiology and immunology», Vsesoyuzny's governments and Ukrainian scientific about-in epidemiologists, microbiologists and parasitologists, the honorary member Vsesoyuznogo scientific about-va epidemiologists, microbiologists and parasitologists of I. I. Mechnikov. Among his pupils there is V. M. Zhdanov, S. N. Ruchkovsky, V. D. Chernenko, etc.

It is awarded by the Order of Lenin and medals.

Works: Carriers of cholera and measure of fight against them, Profilakt. medical, No. 1, page 28, 1922; Cholera in Odessa in 1918 — 22 years, under the editorship of L. V. Gromashevsky, century 1, Odessa, 1928 (a bus of a number of the Art.); Influence of development of socialist society on elimination of zarazyy diseases to the USSR, Works Harkovsk. medical in-that, century 46, page 7, 1958; About unity of an organism, a microbe and environmental conditions in development of an infection, in book: Teoret. and prakt. vopr. mikrobiol. and Epi-demiol., under the editorship of M. N. Solovyov, century 2, page 142, Kiev, 1968; Critical remarks of rather some theoretical concepts of bourgeois epidemiology, Saturday. nauch. works Harkovsk. medical in-that, century 100, page 156, 1971.

Bibliography: Chernenko V. D. and With to and and S. N. K to the 95 anniversary since the birth of Mikhail Nikolaevich Solovyov (1886 — 1980), Zhurn. mikr., epid. and immun., No. 6, page 110, 1981.

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