SOLOVYYOV Alexander Aleksandrovich

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SOLOVYYOV Alexander Aleksandrovich (1893 — 1967) — the Soviet pathomorphologist, the member correspondent of AMH (1950).

SOLOVYYOV Alexander Aleksandrovich

Ended in 1917 medical f-t Moscow un-that. In 1918 — 1919 the assistant to clinic of skin diseases State in-that experimental medicine (Leningrad), in 1919 — 1921 the junior doctor in the ranks of Red Army. Since 1921 worked under the leadership of N. N. Anichkov in department patol. V I anatomy of EM; since 1932 the manager. laboratory in the same place. Since 1935 the manager. laboratory of a patomorfologiya of department of the general pathology, and then (1944) Ying-that general and experimental pathology (later Ying t of normal and pathological physiology of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences); at the same time in 1939 — 1950 the department chair patol. anatomy Moscow dental medical in-that.

A. A. Solovyov is an author apprx. 50 scientific works devoted to problems of vascular pathology, including atherosclerosis; infectious pathology — a pathogeny of tubercular meningitis, a role of a nervous system in a pathogeny of diphtheritic intoxication, to an experimental brucellosis; experimental oncology. The researches of interstitial substance of walls of blood vessels conducted by it and its role in patol are most known. changes of arteries. The data on a metachromasia of the main substance of walls of vessels obtained by it considerably anticipated later gistokhy. researches on this question.

A. A. Solovyov was elected the member of bureau of Department of medicobiological sciences of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences; the member of Coordination council on oncology of AMN; associate editor of the «Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine» magazine.

It is awarded by the Order of Lenin and medals.

Works: Ueber die Zwischensubstanz der Blut-gefasswand, Virchows Arch. path. Anat. Bd 241, S. 1, 1923; About intermediate substance of walls of arteries and its value at atherosclerosis, Arkh. biol. sciences, t. 23, century 4-5, page 307, 1924; About some questions of a pathogeny and a histopathology of tubercular meningitis, in book: Sovr. vopr. patol. annate. tube. lungs, under - an edition of M. R. Eorok, etc., page 67, L., 1936; Materials to a histopathology of an experimental brucellosis of sheep, in book: Brucellosis, iod of an edition of P.F. Zdrodovsky, page 117, M., 1937; About some questions of experimental diphtheritic intoxication, in book: Vopr. pathogeny and patol. annate. infekts. Bol., under the editorship of D. A. Biryukov, etc., page 226, L., 1957 (sovm. with other); The Role of a nervous system in a pathogeny of tumors and the main perspectives of development of this question, Vopr. onkol., t. 6, century 1, page 3, 1960.

Bibliography: A. A. Solovyov, Bulletin an ex-perim. biol. and medical, t. 65, No. 4, page 125, 1968.

O. Ya. Kauffman.