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SOLOVYOVA INDEX (G. A. Solovyov, to swell. the doctor) — the approximate indicator allowing to judge thickness of bones of a skeleton and thus indirectly the sizes and capacity of a small pelvis. The index is defined by measurement (in cm) by circles of a hand in a radiocarpal joint.

It is described in 1917 by A. Solovyov. It is on average equal to 14 — 15 cm. The index less than 14 cm demonstrates that pelvic bones thin; the index of St. 15 cm indicates their considerable thickness. Page and. use at approximate calculation of a true conjugate. So, if the outside conjugate is equal to 20 cm, at the index equal to 16 cm, it is necessary to subtract figure 10 from the size of an outside conjugate, at an index of 14 cm — 9, at an index of 12 cm — 8; approximately true conjugate is equal respectively 10 cm, 11 cm, 12 cm (it is calculated by G. A. Solovyov empirically). Now for assessment of the sizes of a small pelvis use an ultrasonic method of a research more and more widely.

See also Obstetric research .

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