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SOKSLETA DEVICE (F. R. Soxhlet, is mute. the chemist, 1848 — 1926) — the device for sterilization of the whole and divorced milk used for feeding of children.

It is offered in 1886. Juice a meeting is also improved in 1891 by S. and. represents a pan (water bath), in to-ruyu on a rack place bottles of a certain form and capacity (Sokslet's bottle). In bottles pour milk in the quantity necessary for one feeding, and hermetically close by means of rubber plates. The device is put on fire and boiled within 30 — 40 min. Contents of bottles heat up to 98 — 99,5 ° that provides sterility of milk.

In a crust, S.'s time and. in that look, in Krom it was offered, is not made by the industry, but the principle of fractional warming up which is put forward by Sokslet of milk in bottletight vessels is every portion the main thing in technology of preparation of baby food on to milk kitchen (see). To boil milk and milk mixes (see) for feeding of babies in small bottles on the water bath recommend also in house conditions. For this purpose use a pan and the graduated small bottles, in to-rykh boil milk within 5 min. from the moment of boiling of water in a pan.

The described S. and. it is necessary to distinguish from the Soxhlet apparatus, to-ry use in chemical laboratories for extraction of fats (see. Extraction ).

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