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SOKOLSKY Grigory Ivanovich (1807 — 1886) — the domestic therapist, one of founders of the modern doctrine about rheumatism, professor (1835).

Ended medical f-t Moscow un-that (1828) and Professorial in-t at Derptsk un-those (1832), in Krom N. I. Pirogov, F. I. Inozemtsev, A. M. Filo-mafitsky were his fellow students. In 1832 protected dokt. the thesis on «About Dysentery». Since 1833 worked in St. Petersburg, in 1834 — 1835 was in a foreign business trip (Berlin, Vienna) for preparation for professorial activity, in 1835 it is appointed professor Kazan un-that where taught clinic of internal diseases, the doctrine about sincere diseases and pathological semiotics; since December, 1835 extraordinary, and in 1838 — 1848 ordinary professor of department of private pathology and therapy Moscow un-that. His premature resignation was caused by independent, sharply critical mentality and a materialistic orientation of the scientific views incompatible with reactionary policy of the management un-that. Since 1849 was engaged in medical practice.

G. I. Sokolsky became history of medicine of hl. obr. as researcher of rheumatic damage of heart and propagandist of methods of percussion and auscultation. In work «About rheumatism of muscular tissue of heart» (1836) and in specially allocated chapter «Rheumatism of heart» of the clinical lectures «The Doctrine about Chest Diseases» (1838) on the basis a wedge, the observations begun with it in 1831 and data pato-morfol. control he, irrespective of Zh. Buyo, described natural damage of heart at joint rheumatism and characterized kliniko-anatomic forms of a rheumatic carditis: myocarditis, an endocarditis (with formation of heart diseases) and a pericardis. Zh. Buyo and G. I. Sokolsky's works laid the foundation for modern understanding of rheumatism as general disease in this connection in the Soviet medical literature rheumatism is called Buyo's disease — Sokolsky. Lecture. And. Sokolsky «About a medical research the help of hearing, especially at means of a stethoscope» (1835), published 4 years prior to an exit of capital work Y. Skodas, is the first large work devoted to comparative assessment of diagnostic opportunities and improvement of methods of percussion on Auen-bruggera — to Korvizar and auscultation on Laenneka; for so-called mediocre topographical percussion of bodies G. I. Sokolsky suggested to use not plessimetry, and one or two fingers of the left hand of the doctor imposed on a breast of the patient. It described a pleural rub («chest rustle») and a phenomenon of splash (noise of «dropping») as symptoms of pleurisy, a wedge, displays of thrombosis of an auricle; noted inconstancy of an acoustic picture at chronic pneumonia; pointed to a possibility of transition of pneumonia to abscess of a lung. «The doctrine about chest diseases» contains the detailed kliniko-anatomic characteristic of a pulmonary tuberculosis.

Natural-science and medical views of G. I. Sokolsky are reflected also in his lecture «Indications of the General Maintenance of Special Pathology» (1837) and in the medical guides of K. Gufeland translated to them with reductions and notes (1839) and I. Shenleyna (1841). He carried medicine to natural sciences and demanded its studying from a bed of the patient, in section and in chemical laboratory; put a task «merits of pathological anatomy to put to studying of applied medicine» and together with N. I. Pirogov it can be called the founder of the kliniko-anatomic direction in domestic medicine; he fought for «the pilot beginning» in medicine and in «a century of a boring mnogoglagolaniye» rejected and derided speculative medical systems, developing thereby views of the teachers — M. Ya. Mudrova and I. Shenleyna, and also M. Bish and R. Laepnek's ideas.

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maintenance of special pathology, M., 1837; The Doctrine about chest diseases, M., 1838; Research of pathological properties of an inflammation pulmonary and its next fabrics, M., 1839; About feeding and education of newborn children, M., 1848.

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