SOKOLOVSKY Alexey Andreevich

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SOKOLOVSKY Alexey Andreevich (1822 — 1891) — the domestic pharmacologist.

After the termination in 1845 medical f-that Kazan un-that worked as the assistant to therapeutic clinic. Since 1848 executing, a position of the graduated in a military academy of department of forensic medicine. In 1851. protected dokt. the thesis about typhus («De typho») it was also confirmed to the post of the graduated in a military academy at the same department. Since 1857 extraordinary professor of department medical a veshchestvosloviya (pharmaceutical science), and since 1859 ordinary professor. In 1861 — 1862 trained abroad at K. Ludvig. It was upon return elected the dean medical f-that Kazan un-that. Since 1864 extraordinary professor at department of pharmacology Moscow un-that. In 1865 it is elected ordinary professor, in 1876 was entitled zasl. professors also continued service till 1881 then retired and returned to Kazan.

During the Kazan period scientific pe-dagogicheskoy A. A activity. Sokolovsky (1845 — 1863) in addition to the thesis wrote a number of works, the most important of to-rykh was «About action of various funds for a nervous system, in use to the theory of Du - bua - Raymond. — Calm and excitement of nerves» (1858) where for the first time the thalamus was considered as Torahs-mozny the center that has something in common with nek-ry conclusions of I. M. Sechenov about a role of this area. A. A. Sokolovsky studied dependence of character of the bioelectric phenomena on a condition of processes of a metabolism in body tissues that was one of early studies in the field of an electrophysiology of a nervous system in Russia.

In Moscow un-those A. A. Sokolovsky gave a course of lectures on pharmacology for doctors, accompanying it with experiments on animals; by it it was also organized pharmakol. laboratory, in a cut conducted kliniko-pilot studies. In the 70th it published a number of fundamental works on pharmacology, in to-rykh it tried to generalize achievements of experimental pharmacology of that time. Its report «About psychophysical process in use to effect of somnolent substances» was based on the last achievements of materialistic physiology and first of all on materials of classical work of I. M. Sechenov «Reflexes of a brain». The main work of A. A. Sokolovsky — «Fundamentals of the general and private pharmacology» (1878) — promoted formation of pharmacology in Russia as independent scientific discipline.

The last decade of the life A. A. Sokolovsky studied problems of history, philosophy and psychology what the composition «Religion of love and egoism» (1891) was result of.

Works: De typho, yew., Kazan, 1851; About action of various funds for a nervous system in use to Dubois-Reymond's theory. — Calm and excitement of nerves, Uchen. zap. Kazansk. un-that, book 4, 1858; Experience of the theory of pharmacology with the pharmacological equipment, M., 1866; The Inorganic pharmacology based on the chemical and physiological beginnings, M., 1871; Management of private pharmacology, M. 1 875; Fundamentals of the general and private pharmacology, M., 1878.

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