SOKHEY of Sakhib

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SOKHEY of Sakhib (Sokhey Sahib Singh, 1887 — 1971) — the Indian microbiologist, the winner of the International Lenin award «For Strengthening of the World between the People» (1953), the academician of Academy of Sciences of India (1935).

SOKHEY of Sakhib

In 1907 ended medical f-t Panjabi un-that, in 1911 — Edinburgh un-t. As the doctor was involved in World War I (1914 — 1918). In the subsequent it was improved on bacteriology in the medical centers of the USA and Canada. Since 1925 the doctor of medicine, professor, the head of biochemical department Bacteriological in-that of Havkin in Bombay, at the same time the deputy director, and from 1932 to 1950 the director of it in-that. In 1950 — 1952 the deputy CEO of WHO.

S. Sokhey is the author of the St. 90 scientific works devoted to hl. obr. to questions of medical microbiology, including microbiological aspects of tropical malaria, yellow fever, plague and cholera, and also problems of the general pathology of a metabolism. He developed system special epidemiol. actions for fight with especially dangerous inf. diseases in the conditions of hot climate; methods of production of antiplague and anticholeraic vaccines commercially. Under its scientific management in India quantity production of antimalarial and sulfanamide drugs was prepared and carried out.

S. Sokhey — honourable doctor Pendzhabsky and some other high fur boots, the honorary member of a row Indian and foreign scientific medical about - century. Was the president of association of scientists of India (1953 — 1958), the member of parliament of India (1952 — 1956), Vseindiysky's vice-president and the member of the World Council of the World.

Works: Experimental studies in plague,

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Bibliography: A h u j a M. L. Major General S. S. Sokhey (1887 — 1971), Indian J. med. Res., v. 59, p. VII, 1971.

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