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SOCIAL DISEASES — diseases of the person, emergence and distribution to-rykh in the defining degree depend on influence of unfavorable social and economic conditions. To S. it is accepted to carry tuberculosis (see), venereal diseases (see), alcoholism (see), drug addiction (see), rickets (see), avitaminosis (see. Vitamin deficiency ) and other diseases connected with a hyponutrient and also nek-ry occupational diseases (see). To S.'s distribution. the conditions generated by class antagonism and exploitation of workers promote. Elimination of operation and social inequality — necessary premises of successful fight against S. At the same time social and economic conditions directly or indirectly influence emergence and development of many other diseases of the person. It would be impossible also at S. to underestimate roles biol. features of the activator or human body. Therefore since 60 — the 70th 20 century the term «social diseases» finds more and more limited application.