SOBOLEV Leonid Vasilyevich

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SOBOLEV Leonid Vasilyevich (1876 — 1919) — the domestic pathologist.

SOBOLEV Leonid Vasilyevich

In 1898 ended VMA and it was left the graduated in a military academy at department of pathological anatomy. Since 1904 the prosector, and then the privatdozent at the same department. In 1901 protected dokt. the thesis on «To Morphology of a Pancreas during the Bandaging of Its Channel, at Diabetes and Some Other Conditions».

L. V. Sobolev is the author of 25 scientific works. In 1900 he experimentally proved to the first that the insular device of a pancreas possesses intra secretory function, emitting the hormone capable to regulate carbohydrate metabolism in blood, and the first made the assumption that enzymes of the pancreatic juice produced by a parenchymatous part of a pancreas destroy the «antidiabetic» hormonelike material emitted by elements of its insular device. In this regard L. V. Sobolev suggested to receive active antidiabetic medicine from fabric elements of islands of the pancreas atrophying as a result of bandaging of an output channel or from a pancreas of newborn calfs, at to-rykh as L. V. Sobolev established, the insular device is developed rather well, and digestive cells are still underdeveloped. These ideas received full confirmation in researches F. Banting and Best (Ch. N of Best), developed a method of receiving in 1922 insulin (see).

Works: To the doctrine about endothelial new growths (endothelioma interfascicu-lare medullare multiplex tractus gastro-intestinalis), the Doctor, t. 21, No. 6, page 165, No. 7, page 202, No. 8, page 234, 1900; About a structure of a pancreas under some pathological conditions, Ezhened. zhurn. prakt. medical, No. 7, page 105, 1900; tTber die Struktur der Bauchspeicheldriise unter gewissen pathologischen Bedingun-gen, Zbl. allg. Path. path. Anat., Bd 11, S. 202, 1900; To morphology of a pancreas during the bandaging of its channel, at diabetes and some other conditions, a yew., SPb., 1901; To a question of a structure and function of islands Langerhans’a, the Doctor, gas., No. 20, page 770, 1912.

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