SNESAREV Pavel Evgenyevich

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SNESAREV Pavel Evgenyevich (1876 — 1954) — the Soviet neuromorphologist and the psychiatrist, zasl. scientist of RSFSR (1945). Member of the CPSU.

SNESAREV Pavel Evgenyevich

Ended VMA in 1902. In 1908 protected dokt. the thesis on a subject about nerve fibrils of a neoncephalon of a frog. Since 1911 the chief physician Kostroma psychiatric-tsy. In 1922 would head a prozektura of the 1st Moscow psychiatric and in 1931 hospitals of P. B. Gannushkin. Since 1939 directed department of morphology Ying-that psychiatry of M3 of RSFSR and at the same time managed histologic laboratory Ying-that a brain of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences.

P.E. Snesarev is one of founders of a domestic histopathology of a nervous system and pathological anatomy of mental diseases. Its works in this area are generalized in the monograph «Theoretical Fundamentals of Pathological Anatomy of Mental Diseases». He is an author more than 150 scientific works devoted to development of methods of coloring of a neuroglia, argen-tofilny fibers of connecting fabric and zernistost of a brain (see. Snesareva methods ); to the description of a thin structure of an okolososudisty glia and explanation of processes of its differentiation; to studying functional and morfol. features of separate components of a neuroglia. The doctrine created by P.E. Snesarev about zernistost of a brain made the important section of modern neurohistology; it also investigated changes of argentofilny granularity of a brain and internals at an idiopathic hypertensia.

It is awarded by the Orders of Lenin and the Labour Red Banner.

Works: About nerve fibrils of a neoncephalon of a frog, yew., SPb., 1908; General histopathology of a brain injury, M., 1946; Theoretical fundamentals of pathological anatomy of mental diseases, M., 1950; Argyrophil granularity of internals and a brain, in book: I. P. Pavlov's doctrine in teort. and prakt. medical, under the editorship of V. P. Lebedev, page 266, M., 1951; Bindweb, Mno-gotomn. the management on nevrol., under the editorship of N. I. Grashchenkov, t. 1, book 1, page 222, M., 1959; Chosen works, M., 1961.

Bibliography: Kazakova P. B. Pavel Evgenyevich Snesarev (To the 100 anniversary since birth), Arkh. patol., t. 39, century 5, page 80, 1977; Smirnov L. I. Honored worker of science prof. P. E. Snesarev (scientific activity), in book: Snesarev P. E. Izbr. works, page 5, M., 1961.

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