SNEGIRYOV Vladimir Fedorovich

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SNEGIRYOV Vladimir Fedorovich (1847 — 1916) — the prominent domestic gynecologist, one of founders of scientific gynecology in Russia.

SNEGIRYOV Vladimir Fedorovich

In 1870 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that; would work in Yauza for unskilled workers, then in an obstetrical institution at the Moscow Educational house. In 1873 protected dokt. the thesis on «To a Question of Definition and Treatment of Pozadimatochny Hemorrhage». Trained abroad on operational gynecology. Since 1875 worked in Moscow un-those. With assistance of G. A. Zakharyin organized at faculty therapeutic clinic specialized gynecology department on 4 beds. In 1889 on its initiative in Moscow un-those the gynecologic clinic, a cut was created he directed till 1900. The organizer (1896) and the director of the first in-that for improvement of gynecologists. At the initiative of V. F. Snegirev the gynecology began to be taught as independent discipline.

the Monument to V. F. Snegirev in Moscow.

V. F. Snegirev is an author more than 70 scientific works, including the monograph «Uterine Bleedings» which became classical. She was translated into fr. language, gained world recognition and was called contemporaries the encyclopedia of gynecology. V. F. Snegirev devoted this work to the Russian territorial doctor, severe conditions of work to-rogo it were well-known. A number of new original methods of operations is offered them: a colpopoiesis from a rectum, fixing of a vagina at its omission and loss, extra peritoneal opening of abscesses in pelvic cavities, a method of peritonization of wound surfaces at a chrevosecheniya, etc. As opposed to the hobby for surgical methods of treatment extended at the end of 19 century ginekol. diseases

V. F. Snegirev paid considerable attention to development of methods of conservative therapy. He was a supporter of broad use in ginekol. to practice of a hydrotherapy, balneo-and mud cures, electrophysical therapy; offered original to lay down. procedures — constant irrigation, gynecologic massage, etc.; promoted implementation in to lay down. to the practician of a roentgenotherapy at high-quality and malignant new growths of female generative organs. A number of the symptoms offered by V. F. Snegirev for diagnosis ginekol is known. diseases. It described also probable sign of pregnancy (Snegirev's sign). V. F. Snegirev developed and implemented in clinical practice a method of vaporization — use of steam as styptic means. He was a supporter of complete approach to studying of a female body as is normal, and at pathology, emphasized influence of the social environment, conditions of life and work on the state of health of the woman.

V. F. Snegirev supported association of obstetricians and gynecologists, was one of organizers and the chairman Moscow obstetric and gynecologic about-va, the honorary member of many domestic and foreign scientific medical about - century. Created school of gynecologists, to a cut B. A. Arkhangelsky, A. P. Gubarev belonged and many other USSR Academy of Medical Sciences is founded an award of V. F. Snegire - va for works in the field of obstetrics and gynecology.

Works: To a question of definition and treatment of pozadimatochny hemorrhage (haema-tocele, s. apoplexia retrouterina intraperi-tonealis), yew., M., 1873; Uterine bleedings, their etiology, diagnosis, therapy with a statement of a method of a research of female generative organs, M., 1884; Hemorragies uterines, P., 1886; New way of formation of an artificial vagina, M., 1892; Uterine bleedings, an etiology — diagnosis — treatment, with a statement of a method of a research of female generative organs, their anatomy and surgery, M., 1895, 1907; About curative action of X-ray, radium and mesothorium on high-quality and malignant new growths, in book: Speeches, it is said, on opening Ob-va for fight from zloka-chestvo. new growths and the help suffering from them, page 1, M., 1913.

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