SMULEVICH Boleslav Yakovlevich

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SMULEVICH Boleslav Yakovlevich (1894 — 1981) — the Soviet social hygienist and the demographer. Member of Social Democratic Party of Poland and Lithuania (1915). The member of the CPSU since 1924.

SMULEVICH Boleslav Yakovlevich

For participation in revolutionary activity in 1916 it was arrested by the German authorities. In 1922 ended medical f-t Vienna un-that, in 1923 — Social and hygienic academy in Berlin. In 1923 by N. A. Semashko's invitation arrived to the USSR. In 1923 — 28 the associate professor of social hygiene medical f-that Belarusian un-that (Minsk), the member of board People's commissar-is sensible and the Master Statistical Control (MSC) of BSSR. In 1928 — 1933 the member of board of TsSU USSR, the manager. Sector of social statistics. Since 1933 the senior research associate Ying-that economies of Academy of Sciences of the USSR, methodical bureau of sanitary statistics M3 of RSFSR; in 1947 — 1963 the senior research associate Ying-that the organizations of health care of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (nowadays the All-Russian Research Institute of social hygiene and the organization of health care of N. A. Semashko). Since 1963 senior research associate of Scientific Research Institute TsSU SSSR. Since 1935 the candidate economic, since 1956 the doctor of medical sciences.

B. Ya. Smulevich is an author more than 220 scientific works, including several monographs devoted to problems of the general and medical demography, social hygiene and medical sociology, especially critics of bourgeois concepts and policy in the field of the population, health care. It possesses a merit of the Marxist analysis of demographic tendencies of health of the population and identification on their background of an inaccuracy, unilateralities, reactionism of the theoretical concepts belonging to bourgeois scientists (maltuzianstvo, theories of an optimum of the population, social Darwinism, etc.). 12 works of B. Ya. Smulevich are transferred to foreign languages. Its capital work «Criticism of Bourgeois Theories and Policy of the Population» (1959) is conferred an award of N. A. Semashko of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences.

B. Ya. Smulevich was a delegate of the USSR on a number of the international congresses on demography and statistics; since 1932 — the member correspondent. Italian committee on studying of problems of the population; since 1962 — the member of the committee of sociology of medicine of the International sociological association; since 1969 — the honorary member Ob-va of social hygiene of GDR.

Works: Criticism of modern bourgeois theories of health care, yew., M., 1954; Criticism of bourgeois theories and policy of the population, M., 1959; Criticism of modern bourgeois social hygiene and medical sociology, M., 1960; National health and sociology, M., 1965; Criticism of bourgeois medico-sociological concepts, M., 1973.

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Yu. P. Lisitsyn.