SMORODINTSEV Anatoly Aleksandrovich

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SMORODINTSEV Anatoly Aleksandrovich (sort. in 1901) — the Soviet virologist, the academician of AMH (1966), the winner of the Lenin award (1963) and the State (1941) award USSR. Member of the CPSU.

SMORODINTSEV Anatoly Aleksandrovich

Ended in 1923 medical f-t Tomsk un-that, worked in serumal department Tomsk bacteriological in-that. From 1924 to 1926 the medical officer in Central Asia. Since 1926 the employee of VIEM and at the same time the manager. bacteriological laboratory Central in-that obstetrics and gynecology in Leningrad; in 1933 — 1937 the manager. department of bacteriology Ying-that epidemiology and microbiology of Pasteur. In 1938 organized and till 1946 headed department of the VIEM viruses in Moscow; during evacuation Ying-that to Tomsk was at the same time chief epidemiologist of the Tomsk gorzdravotdel (1941 — 1942). In 1946 — 1967 manager. department of virology Ying-that experimental medicine of AMN in Leningrad. The organizer (1967) and the director (till 1972) the All-Russian Research Institute of flu M3 of the USSR; in 1972 — 1975 the manager. department of specific prevention of flu and acute respiratory diseases of it in-that. Since 1975 the manager. department of virology in Ying-those experimental medicine of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. Doctor of medical sciences (1935), professor (1938).

A. A. Smorodintsev is the author of St. 600 scientific works, including the author and the coauthor of 12 monographs devoted to virus-induced immunity, a tick-borne encephalitis, a hemorrhagic nephrosonephritis, poliomyelitis, measles, epidemic parotitis, flu, methods of specific prevention of viral infections. Under its management are created an inactivated vaccine against a tick-borne encephalitis and live vaccines against epidemic parotitis, measles, poliomyelitis, flu; he proved the principles to lay down. - the prof. of use of Remantadinum at flu.

A. A. Smorodintsev is WHO expert on viral infections, the member of boards All-Union and All-Russian and the chairman Leningrad about-in epidemiologists, microbiologists and infectiologists, the editor «Virology» of BME, the member of editorial boards of Questions of Virology, Immunology and Bolletino dell Instituto sieroterapico milanese magazines (Italy) redotdet. It is the honorary member Ob-va of microbiologists of the USA (1945), the New York academy of Sciences (1956), Czechoslovak scientific and medical about-va of Ya. Purkinye (1958), Royal medical about-va Great Britain (1966) and others medical about - century.

«the sign of Honour» and medals is awarded by the Orders of Lenin, Friendship of the people.

Works: Etiology, epidemiology and prevention of an autumn form of encephalitis in Primorye, M. — L., 1941 (sovm. with other); Aetiology and clinic of a hemorrhagic nephrosonephritis, M., 1944 (edition); Neuroviral infections, M., 1954 (bus of a number of the Art. and edition); Questions of a pathogeny and immunology of viral infections, L., 1955 (bus of a number of the Art. and edition); Flu, L., 1961 (sovm. with Korovin A. A.); Viral hemorrhagic fevers, L., 1963 (sovm. with other); Bases of virus-induced immunity, L., 1975 (sovm. with other); Factors of nonspecific resistance at viral infections, L., 1980.

Bibliography: Chumakov M. P. Anatoly Aleksandrovich Smorodintsev (To the 80 anniversary since birth), Zhurn. mikr., epid. and immun., No. 7, page 116, 1981.

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