SMIRNOV Vladimir Nikolaevich

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SMIRNOV Vladimir Nikolaevich (sort. in 1937) — the Soviet biochemist, the member correspondent of AN (1981) and AMN (1980), the winner of the Lenin award (1982) and State award (1978) USSR. Member of the CPSU.

SMIRNOV Vladimir Nikolaevich

Ended Leningrad un-t in 1959, worked in Ying-those medical radiology of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1964 — 1968), directed department of biochemistry of the Central research laboratory of the Fourth head department at M3 of the USSR (1968-1973). In 1972 protected dokt. the thesis on the subject «Isoenzymes of a Lactate Dehydrogenase of Blood Serum of the Person (Method of Definition, Clinical Use and Automation of Calculations)». Since 1973 the manager. laboratory of metabolism of a myocardium Ying-that cardiology of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. Since 1976 deputy. The CEO of All-Union cardiological scientific center of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (VKNTs) and at the same time the director Ying-that experimental cardiology of VKNTs (since 1982) and head of laboratory of molecular and cellular cardiology.

V. N. Smirnov is the author of the St. 200 scientific works devoted to hl. obr. to questions of molecular biology eukaryote, biochemistry and physiology of cardiovascular system. It with employees obtained new data on molecular mechanisms of power processes, ionic transport, a nitrogen metabolism and hormonal regulation in a myocardium. For a complex of researches on biochemistry, chemistry and physiology of a cardiac muscle it is conferred the State award USSR. V. N. Smirnov together with employees possesses a priority in creation of drugs of the immobilized enzymes used for treatment of thromboembolisms, peripheral thromboses and hemorrhages. On its initiative production of the immobilized thrombolytic fermental drug of Streptodecasum possessing a high therapeutic effectiveness was begun. For these works it is conferred the Lenin award. Under its management new ways of the directed transport of pharmaceuticals in an organism by means of liposomes and other «cytocontainers» in a zone of damage of a vascular wall, to places of formation of blood clots and development of atherosclerosis are developed.

V. N. Smirnov is a member of editorial boards of magazines «Kardiologiya», «Molekulyarnaya biologiya», «Molecular and Cellular Cardiology», «Basic Besearch in Cardiology», the member of coordinating committee International about-va cardiologists and the chairman of the Soviet section of it about-va, the coordinator of the Soviet-French cooperation on a problem «Molecular and cellular mechanisms trombo-and an atherogenesis». He was the vice-president of the World congress of cardiologists in Moscow (1982).

Works: Isoenzymes of a lactate dehydrogenase of blood serum of the person, method of definition, clinical use and automation of calculations, yew., M., 1971; Metabolism of a myocardium, under the editorship of E. I. Chazov and Yu. Braunvald, M., 1975 (a bus of a number of the Art. sovm. with other); Enzyme immobilization on biocompatible carriers, Soobshch. 1 — 4, t. 2, No. 1, page 116, No. 3, page 399, No. 9, page 1252, No. 12, page 1687, 1976 (sovm. with other); Functional interface between Sa2 + — the Atrazy and kreatinfosfokinazy cardiac muscle in a sarcoplasmic reticulum, Biochemistry, t. 42, century 10, page 1766, 1977 (sovm. with other); Immobilized emzymes for medical application, in book: Enzyme engineering, ed. by H. H. Weetall a. G. P. Royer, v. 5, p. 209, 1980 (sovm. with other); Endothelial cell culture on fibrillar collagen, Proc. nat. Acad. Sci. Wash., v. 78, p. 5603, 1981 (sovm. with other); Red blood cell targeting to collagen-coated surfaces, FEBS Letters, v. 15 4, p. 257, 1983 (sovm. with other).

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